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Why Do I Need a Web Host Manager?

  • Dec 16, 2021
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  • by A2 Dev Team

A web host manager can transform the way that you handle your business websites. It streamlines your site management procedures through its comprehensive suite of tools. It helps you to save valuable time and effort so you can focus more on improving your customer service and growing your business.

Continue reading to discover what a web host manager is and why it is important. Learn what types of web host managers are available to business owners and web professionals like you and explore the benefits of using WHMCS for your websites. Finally, learn how you and your team can experience the advantages of web hosting with the assistance of A2 Hosting.

What Is a Web Host Manager?

A Web Host Manager (WHM) is a computer program that grants users like you the ability to supervise various cPanel-based sites. It allows you to manage your dedicated server or Virtual Private Server (VPS). This control dashboard provides you with administrative access to the back end of cPanel.

As an end-user, you can utilize WHM in tandem with cPanel to set up individual accounts, add new domains, handle hosting features, and conduct basic maintenance. It is possible for you to oversee MySQL databases and to add and remove email accounts with the assistance of WHM.

Why Is a Web Host Manager Important?

A Web Host Manager (WHM) is important because of its connection to cPanel. This website utility enables you to efficiently handle the operation and maintenance of your websites. It provides numerous functions that are related to database, domain management, backup, mail, and security.

cPanel’s automated and configurable platform allows you to create and automate all server management tasks. However, WHM is necessary to maximize the usefulness of cPanel. After all, cPanel needs the support of WHM to supervise multiple accounts.

What Types of Web Host Managers Are Available?

There is a wide range of web host managers (WHM) that are available to business owners and web professionals such as yourself. The type of WHM that is suitable for you depends on the particular needs of your business team.

These are the popular types of web hosting plans:

1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting involves the sharing of CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), and other server resources by multiple websites. This hosting type is suitable for you if you only need entry-level website hosting at a relatively affordable cost.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS hosting allows every website to be hosted in its own dedicated space on a server while sharing a physical server with other websites at the same time. It is a viable option for you if you need more storage space and customization features without having to splurge on dedicated server hosting.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is a form of hosting where your website has one dedicated server so you don’t have to share your resources. It is the ideal choice for you if you are willing to invest in its premium cost so you can access a higher level of resource allocation and control for your website.


4. Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is a form of service where the provider is fully or partially responsible for the regular management of the hardware, operating systems, and applications involved in web hosting. It is appropriate for you if you wish to relegate the technical aspects of web hosting to your provider.

What Are the Benefits of Using WHMCS?

A2 Hosting offers the benefit of using WHMCS to help navigate the backend of your website. These are the major benefits that you and your team can experience if you use Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) for your website:

1. Multiple Functions

WHMCS makes it simple and easy for you to manage your website because of its multiple functions. Its handy suite of tools enables you to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Keep track of your websites regularly
  • Create, suspend, or delete your cPanel accounts
  • Monitor and change the DNS zones of your domains
  • Grant permission to keep track of your server status and data
  • Configure the support requests of your clients via cPanel
  • Set up your default page as you form a new account
  • Make adjustments to your client user names and domain names
  • Personalize your hosting and control panel with your branding
  • Oversee the cPanel and change the aspects which do not require SQL access

2. Increased Cyber Security

Using WHMCS can increase the online security of your websites. Just in case one of your sites is compromised because of a cybercrime attack, a WHMCS will minimize the risk that your other websites will also be affected. A WHMCS also prevents hackers from finding out that the various accounts on different cPanels are linked to the same WHM account.

3. Greater Flexibility

WHMCS offers you flexibility by allowing you to adjust your bandwidth and disk space. These adjustments are critical to the continuous operations of your website, which may crash or become suspended if it goes over the maximum bandwidth.

4. Efficient Credit Card Processing

WHMCS enables your multiple websites to accept credit card payments from your customers. Your site will need an SSL certificate and dedicated IP address to process credit card transactions. Since only one dedicated IP address is allowed for each cPanel, you can choose a Reseller account that lets you manage multiple cPanels.

What Types of Hosting Plans Are Offered by A2 Hosting?

The right hosting plan will make it possible for you to achieve your work goals so you can grow your business.

No matter what type of web host manager you require for your websites, A2 Hosting offers a wide range of feature-rich hosting plans that you can choose from. We can empower you to manage your websites through our Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Reseller Hosting.

Contact our sales team to discover which one of these powerful A2 Hosting solutions is perfect for your business needs.