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Our A2 SiteBuilder is available for each of our Shared Hosting plans and allows you to build your website fast using our professional templates.  The prices below include the cost of the A2 Sitebuilder plus Startup Web Hosting. The Sitebuilder can be added, however, to any Shared Hosting Plan at checkout. The A2 Sitebuilder is free for Single Page Websites.

Most Popular A2 SiteBuilder Templates

Click the thumbnail pictures below to see a larger preview of the most used sitebuilder themes. Remember, each template's images and text can be completely customized to your liking within the A2 SiteBuilder.


Frequently Asked A2 SiteBuilder Questions

Have questions about the A2 SiteBuilder? If you have more remember our friendly and knowledgeable  24/7/365 Guru Crew Support team is standing by to help via live chat, phone or email

The first step is to choose the SiteBuilder Hosting package that best fits your needs. Once you have purchased your web hosting package, you will receive a username and password to log into your cPanel control panel where you can access the A2 Website Builder. Once you accessed the A2 SiteBuilder via cPanel, simply choose which domain you want to build your site on and start building your site! All you'll have to do is choose your theme, design your site and then publish it for your audience!

One of the top advantages of the A2 SiteBuilder is that not only do you get access to our website builder, but you also get web hosting all within a single service! Many SiteBuilder solutions require you to purchase the software, but does not include web hosting. That requires you to build your site and then find a Web Hosting solution. Not at A2 Hosting. You get the A2 SiteBuilder AND Web Hosting all bundled together!

The A2 SiteBuilder is loaded with versatile features to help you create and publish your site with ease. Just some of the features you'll find are:

  • Easy-To-Use Text Editor
  • Template Selector & Customizer
  • Add YouTube videos
  • Customize Images & Add Picture Galleries 
  • Contact & Sign Up Forms
  • Blogs
  • & Much More!

If you're looking for an easy, affordable and quick way to get your website up and running, look no further than the A2 SiteBuilder! After choosing the SiteBuilder Hosting plan you want to use, you'll get sent an email with details on how to log into your cPanel control panel. Click the A2 SiteBuilder icon in your control panel to get started. Get your site up and running in minutes by selecting your template, creating your content and publishing your site. You'll love how easy it is to use our SiteBuilder.

No! The A2 Website Builder is designed for users of all experience levels. Using the A2 Website Builder is going to be easy even if you've never had a website before. Even experienced website owners love it because of its ability to help you build a completely customizable website quickly and easily.

Absolutely! You can change your website's template within the A2 SiteBuilder at any time and not have to worry about losing any of your content. Changing the template is a great way to change the look and feel of your website quickly.

Sure, why not? It's your site! Placing advertisements on your site is a great way to not only monetize the traffic your site generates, but it can also help you cover the cost of using the A2 SiteBuilder.

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