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OpenCart Improvements – Three Overlooked Features

  • May 25, 2016
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  • by A2 Marketing Team
OpenCart offers a number of benefits to online store owners everywhere. Its sleek, intuitive design has made opening and maintaining an online store easier than it has ever been before. OpenCart improvements includes a design that has been optimized so your site looks good no matter what device you open it on, whether it is your PC, phone, or tablet. Modifying your OpenCart design from the seller’s end has never been easier with the virtual file modification. You don’t have to waste time with repeated separate modification.

That is why we have assembled three of the niftiest, if lesser known, features that OpenCart has to offer. Some of these involve adding brand new compatibility so that your OpenCart account is more customizable, while others have simply improved on features you already know about. Either way, with these overlooked features, OpenCart is definitely more powerful and useful for the online store owner.

OpenCart Improvement #1.) Increased Payment Gateways

As an online store owner, easily the most vital component of your service is the ability to transfer funds. If your potential clients cannot pay you, then they cannot receive the product or service they desire. Likewise, if you cannot accept payment from your customers, then you may be missing out on an untold number of sales.

That is why OpenCart has taken express pains to ensure that regardless of the online payment gateway your customers uses or prefers, OpenCart has you covered so you no longer have to fret over all of the sale that could have been.

Since the internet has been around, oh, I do not know, some two to three decades, different online transaction services have sprung up like a vegetable garden. Some of these have essentially formed the bedrock for online financial transaction management, while others are relatively new faces to the game. As more and more people connect to the web, the availability of a variety of different payment services is bound to occur. Moreover, since many of those payment services have fees to utilize their transaction management, it is unlikely we will see any kind of decrease in their population.

If the past couple of years are any kind of indication, we can expect to see more and more online transaction services spring up to accommodate a dizzying array of niche markets. That is why OpenCart continues to expand the list of accepted payment gateways.

OpenCart Improvement #2.) API Integration

Face the facts. Your available time each day is limited. You have a million things to keep track of, and you really do not want to have to all of them on our own. However, it seems like a waste of money to pay someone to do something you can do on your own. If only there was a way you could streamline all of those tedious, but necessary, tasks you need to complete so your online business can run as smoothly as possible.

Again, Opencart feels your pain, and they have taken steps so you don’t have to suffer through these tasks.  APIs are essentially software programs that do the coding for you. Quite simply, any decent API worth its existence streamlines the tedious task of having to write out every individual line and command of code that makes your site look and function the way that it does.

You may already know how to do a number of these functions yourself, but you probably have much more important things to do with your time besides sitting in front of your computer, pecking away at the keyboard, just so potential customers can see and adequately navigate your site on their Android or iPhone.

For those of you still very much an active part of this vibrant community of online entrepreneurs, but without the technical savvy to write this code out long form, these API extensions allow you to easily navigate and make changes to your website that you would otherwise need to pay someone else to do.

OpenCart Improvement #3.) Bootstrap Integration

We live in a mobile world. With more and more people conducting an increasing amount of business online, their tastes have gone the way of brick and mortar, passed the stationary desktop, and onto their phones.

However, mobile optimization has been a persistent problem ever since the first iPhone jumped on the scene. Here, OpenCart saw another problem that needed a remedy, and the solution was a simple matter of connecting to software that was already on the market.

Bootstrap has exploded on the software scene as the premier service used to ensure the content you have on the web, which is generally designed for desktop PCs, looks just as good and works just as well on your phone.

Supporting HTML, CSS, and JS, Bootstrap has made it so the most widely used programming languages are easily adapted and optimized for mobile and your potential customers are never the wiser. Remember, if your customers try to connect to your site on their phones and something does not work, they are not going to go to their computer. They are going to go to a competitor.

OpenCart has made it a point to be responsive to the complaints and needs of its users and will continue to do so, upgrading and innovating to satisfy every commercial need. Placing an emphasis on user results, OpenCart recognizes the need for an online store to not simply work, but to exceed the expectations of your potential clients.

They have added numerous additions that allow your store to look as good as it can, but some of their best improvements—that may have flown under the radar—focus on the seller. From API integration to Bootstrap to an expansion of payment gateways, OpenCart seems to genuinely care about its clients on both ends of the consumer spectrum.

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