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A2 Hosting is no longer offering hosting products for Windows. Enter your address below if you would like to be notified when we decide to offer Windows Hosting again in the future.

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The Windows Hosting product you are viewing is currently unavailable. However, if you don't specifically require a Windows Hosting solution, we have a corresponding Linux Hosting solution available!  We also offer Dedicated Hosting plans which allow you to install the O/S of your choosing. 


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Frequently Asked Questions About Windows Hosting

We are Linux experts. While we have offered Windows Hosting services in the past, it is not something we are chossing to focus on currently.  We want to partner with our customers to ensure they have high performance, fast web hosting and to do that we need to be experts in the space.  While we may offer Windows Hosting at some time in the future, today it is not planned.

Starting from the beginning, you may have heard of the terms ASPor ASP stands for Active Server Pages and it’s a tool that was developed by Microsoft. What makes it valuable to internet users is that it is an easy way to create web pages and utilize web technologies within the framework of Microsoft’s .NET. Programmers and developers love it because it gives them the opportunity to build rich websites that are dynamic and web applications that use compiled languages like C# and VB. Due to its popularity, there are site owners who switch to Windows-based Hosting just so they can use it; even those who have been using Unix for decades.

Microsoft ASP.NET is one of the very best platforms that you can use to build secure, robust and adaptable desktop or web applications. It is popular for large applications. It has many advantages for both end clients and developers. End clients can get applications that are feature-rich with intuitive experience while designers and developers get dynamic easy to use development features and adaptability.

  • Better UI Controls - Has a rich set of user interface (UI) controls that are in-build. The Microsoft ASP stage also third-party UI controls. 
  • Security - The security offered on this platform is excellent and secure. It secures the application with the utilization of a variety of security components.
  • Integration with other Applications - .NET effortlessly coordinates with other Microsoft applications, making it easy to interface with emails, Exchange servers and Microsoft Office applications, retrieving data on a single login.
  • oMVC Architecture - Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture has code that is organized due to its Separation of Concerns methodology. Code organization promotes re-usability of code making it easy to develop versatile applications.
  • Fast Deployment - To quickly convey applications, the structure enables one-time setup creation. Applications can easily be sent Microsoft servers.

Windows Server is the broad, brand name that Microsoft has given to refer to each of the server operating systems that they release. While not the case in all instances, each Windows Server OS release has generally been named as a specific year, with the first release being named Windows Server 2003.

Each Windows Server option is a powerful operating system that supports enterprise-level:

  • Communications
  • Applications
  • Data Storage
  • Management

Both your desktop Windows version and Windows Server are both touted as user-friendly. This is true. However Windows Server versions are actually more powerful and are designed more specifically to be able to manage your web hosting, networking and databases.

Yes and no. It depends on the situation. While this may be a little confusing if you're looking specifically to purchase Windows Server Hosting, you may actually be looking for a few different solutions as well. To clarify the differences, Windows Server is specifically the Windows-based operating system offered with your hosting account.

.NET Core is a high speed and lightweight platform used to develop web services and applications. .NET Core was developed due mainly to the workloads found with ASP.NET core as well as the need to have further modernized runtime. It is the open source version of the .NET platform and includes many of the same APIs as found with the .NET framework. .NET Core is cross platform so all of your developed applications can be run on Linux, macOS and Windows. With high performance server runtime speeds for both Linux and Windows Server, you know that your .NET Core applications will run faster than those developed with competing platforms. 

MSSQLis an abbreviation for Microsoft SQL server. It’s a relational database system to manage your information. Because it is a Microsoft product, it works seamlessly with our Windows Web Hosting plans. This is why if you are using MSSQL, you are going to love A2 Hosting ’s solutions. Having information is great. Having systems set up that retrieve that information at lightning-fast speeds is critical. Our web hosting is perfect for this type of database configuration also. Prefer to use MySQL? We've got you covered there as well!

With a VPS hosting option, we will give your website allocated resource management, dependable performance, which will allow you the freedom to work with us as your hosting provider in the manner you choose. VPS hosting will give you a great deal of extra freedom than a more economical shared hosting situation would be able to.

Now, if your system requirements are so substantial that you would benefit from an exclusive dedicated server, by all means you should discuss this option with one of our knowledgeable agents. Our VPS furnishes your website with more than adequate performance along the same lines as if you chose your own personal dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost.

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