Welcome to Elvin's Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling

Elvin's Refrigeration is more than just a refrigeration company. You might consider us to be Elvin's Air Conditioning, Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, and Food Equipment.

Elvin's Refrigeration Inc. was founded in 1980, and at that time was just a one man shop. Elvin actually worked as an Operating Engineer at nights, and repaired HVAC equipment during the days. Then in 1982, Greg, his son joined his dad on repairs and started learning the trade. Elvin's Refrigeration Inc. grew over the next several years, in which they had moved from a small shop in south Kansas City, Mo. to a 5800 square feet shop located in Grandview, Mo. The facility is on 3 acres, and is capable of expanding for future warehouse/work space.

Currently Elvin's employs twelve people that are vital to our success. Elvin's takes pride on the fact that all of our employees have been with our company for a long period of time. In fact, our "rookie" has been with us for almost two years. All of technicians are thoroughly checked out prior to being hired (driving, criminal, and drug testing). So when one of our employees come to your home or place of business, you can be rest assured that they are quality individuals. A saying in the country life... "they are good people" is a great compliment, and we feel that our employees are "good people".

Elvin's Refrigeration Inc. takes pride in their work and craftsmanship on any job they perform. We are a very diversfied company which works on any heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, commercial food equipment, and light plumbing situation. We are approximately 70% commercial and 30% residential service contractor. With being so diversified, we do not see as much of a swing in service calls throughout the year. But we still have an extreme amount of service during the peak of summer and winter seasons. During those "peaks", Elvin's does not rush out and hire someone off the street just to satisfy a demand of service calls, because that always leads to customer dissatifaction due to poor service. So our technicians understand that there are times of long hours.